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– Asphalt assessment

Note that not all asphalt pavements are suitable for asphalt overlay. As previously mentioned, severely damaged surfaces, such as potholes, ruts, and root damage, will require asphalt milling before applying asphalt overlay. Also, surfaces that aren’t draining water correctly need to be ripped off before installing the asphalt overlay. Asphalt assessment is essential because it helps in evaluating the suitability of your pavement.

– Asphalt Milling

Asphalt milling is essential, especially on the severely damaged areas of the pavement, such as raveling and deep cracks. Profiling is important because you’ll eliminate the damaged pavement in order to enhance the bond between the new and old asphalt. In addition, this helps to maintain a uniform surface on the pavement.

– Base Repair

The base area of asphalt pavement, highway, or parking lot should be replaced, especially areas where there’s sinking, rutting, and potholes. A professional asphalt contractor will use multiple layers on the affected sections in order to prevent a further problem from emerging.

– Pave Surface

This is a fundamental step in the asphalt overlay process. Here, the asphalt overlay is paved on top of a well-prepared base area. The quantity of an asphalt overlay depends on the thickness of the existing asphalt surface. Approximately, an asphalt overlay should have between 1.5″ and 2″ in terms of thickness.


Asphalt overlay plays a sufficient role in enhancing driving conditions, reducing noise pollution, reducing pavement distress, maintaining surface geometrics, and providing lasting service. These benefits will only be true only if your asphalt overlay is conducted by a pro. Asphalt overlay improves driving conditions by enhancing driveway or parking lot structural conditions. A professional asphalt contractor will resurface the affected area. Driveway, highway, and parking lot damage can be a result of oxidation, disintegration, freezing, raveling, rutting, and cracking. Below are key benefits of applying an asphalt overlay:

A.) Cost-Saving

The right asphalt contractor will use the right technique to enhance the lifespan of your partially damaged driveway or parking lot. Asphalt overlay minimizes the life-cycle costs of concrete and asphalt pavements. The main reason behind this is that the existing layer is used as a base for the new layer. This will reduce the cost incurred in purchasing materials needed for the application of asphalt overlay.

B.) Longevity

The best asphalt overlay application should have the ability to withstand harsh climatic changes. Parking lots, highways, and driveways in areas that experience high rainfall, excess ultraviolet rays, and freezing are vulnerable to damage. Therefore, it’s important to apply asphalt overlay in order to enhance their life span. This process is essential because it restores your pavement aesthetic.

C.) Minimize Dust

The best asphalt contractor should have the ability to apply a suitable asphalt overlay. Asphalt overlay reduces the amount of dust in partially damaged areas on your parking lot or driveway.

D.) Prevents Traffic Delays

Asphalt overlay prevents traffic delays on busy highways and large parking lots. The key reason behind this is that a fresh overlay does not need to cure. Therefore, vehicles can still use an area where there’s a new asphalt overlay. Preventing traffic will tend to improve production in different sectors of the economy.

E.) Low Maintenance

There’s a low maintenance cost because the existing surface is accounted for. This minimizes the required materials, thus making it cost-effective.

F.) Prevent Skidding

A well-applied asphalt overlay should have the ability to resist skidding. This is essential because it minimizes accidents.

G.) It’s Recyclable

Note that an existing pavement surface plays a significant role in the application of a new asphalt overlay. The latest technology facilitates asphalt recycling. This is important because it reduces cost and minimizes environmental.


Asphalt overlay is an important layer of your pavement. Therefore, it’s important to hire a competent asphalt contractor. Below are the reasons why you should hire professionals from Topeka Asphalt Company.

1. Advanced Tools and Equipment

Currently, it’s a great idea to hire an asphalt company that specializes in the latest technology. Advanced tools and equipment enhance the efficiency of the task and save time. Also, the latest technology will save you money in the long run because there’ll be minimal repairs.

2. Perfect Reputation

Topeka Asphalt Company is a reputable company because it satisfies the client’s needs. These professionals have a good rating and positive comments from previous clients.

3. Time Effective

The best asphalt company should have the ability to save time. Topeka asphalt company has enough experience in this field, thus enabling them to work effectively and efficiently.

4. Expertise

The right asphalt company should have adequate experience in this field. Topeka asphalt company has enough experience in this industry because they have successfully done numerous projects. These professionals know the right technique to employ in the process in order to minimize cost and save time. Concurrently, this will prevent traffic jams on busy driveways, parking lots, and highways. 

5. Enhance Your Pavement’s Aesthetic Value

Expert asphalt contractors from the Topeka asphalt company will improve the curb appeal of your pavement. These professionals have adequate knowledge on which technique to employ in order to attain quality services. 


Topeka asphalt company is the best and most reputable company to hire because they’ll save your time, give you a warranty, use high technology, and save your money. The above listed are reasons why you should consider applying asphalt overlays on your partially damaged areas on the pavement. Also, there are numerous benefits of asphalt overlays, as mentioned above. 

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